imperfections of the heart

I love my friends..may we remain in heart space....

love may be the most abused word, like battering our own hearts…

this is our heart’s momentum, moving through time & space …

In each & every aspect of life, the chance to turn the straw we find into gold is there in our hearts. All that is asked is our respectful attention, our willingness to learn from difficulty. Instead of fighting, when we see with eyes of wisdom, difficulties can become our good fortune…..

in this keen longing for ‘goodness’ & ‘understanding’….

what arrows pierce our heart?

Without ideals, the heart can turn the suffering & imperfections we encounter into the path of compassion. In this nonidealistic practice, the divine can shine through even in acts of ignorance & fear, inviting us to wonder at the mystery of all that is…This spirituality is about who we are rather than what ideal we pursue……

tune in to your worrisome heart…

6 thoughts on “imperfections of the heart

  1. This resonates within me… I believe in ideals as guides, as tools for contemplation, but I believe in the power and freedom of radical acceptance – accepting ourselves imperfections and all (and other people too, of course)

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