deep play & the faeries rediscovered

call the faeries

call the faeries to play

the faeries are patient….they wait for the intuitive call….they bide time…sit in the studio with reminders to waylay rational thought in that ‘no time’ before creation awakens…

they help us to commune with our innate force….the drive which can so easily slip away….the rich moist ground of waiting…

they remind us of…………….

all the sweetness of the dark

all the rich layers of play which come from falling down

all the whimsy we can behold in simply imagining….

all the deep breaths we miss

all the choices of color we forgot we discovered

all the unexpected capacity in subtle grace

don’t forget the power of flying

Learning to trust the unfolding of one’s own life is awkward, painful work that often leaves one feeling exposed & vulnerable. A critical part is the willingness not to know where one is going.

….Sherry Anderson & Patricia Hopkins

5 thoughts on “deep play & the faeries rediscovered

  1. Your quote about learning to trust unfolding of life is so relevant to my life right now. How serendipitous that I found your blog today.

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