blooming into our lens…

moving with perspective

photography as a life lesson…

As you practice, there will be ups & downs. You will experience flashes of color & get so excited that you start shooting away, forgetting all about visual discernment & forming the equivalent. As you get wound up, you might think that everything you notice is a flash of perception & fire away at everything that you see. On the other hand, you could go for quite a while without experiencing any flashes & get frustrated, thinking you will never be able to see anything at all. This is practice. Practice means learning to work with all of these states of mind. One way to reduce the emotional swings is to linger a little over each shot. Try to find a balance between being too tight & being too loose….

Andy Karr & Michael Wood

seeing is a gateway….we forget to pay attention..our vision narrows…..

reminds me of walking meditation….with a camera in hand….

Photography students often complain that their photograph of a sunset did not at all translate into the image. I tell them it’s not that there is anything wrong with the image. It’s just that they were photographing only one aspect of their experience; what they could see. We are usually only dimly aware, if we’re aware at all, of the converging of information from our senses when we experience an event. This is why whole body & mind seeing is so important. When we make direct contact with reality, we go beyond an ordinary way of seeing, of being, & touch the sacred dimension of our lives…..John Daido Loori

discover your new perspective blooming in red…

8 thoughts on “blooming into our lens…

  1. Great metaphor… How can we see with only our eyes… When I think of Ansel Adams photography he creates a sense of wonder in his images. I think the poet needs to do the same, create a perceived depth in a 2D world, by giving the reader a canvas and a palette of their own…

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