let it be so….

extravagant beauty of our days...

Forget about enlightenment. Sit down wherever you are & listen to the wind singing in your veins….

John Welwood

When starting out, I wanted so badly to become a poet that I held it in view like some hill I needed to climb to see from. But getting to the top, something was missing, & so I had to climb the next hill. Finally, I realized I didn’t need to become a poet…I was a poet.

The same thing happened with love. I wanted so badly to become a lover, but climbing through relationships like hills, I realized again that I was a lover all along.

Then, I wanted to become wise, but after much travel & study, it was during my bedridden days with cancer that I realized I was already wise. I just didn’t know the language of my wisdom. Now I understand that all these incarnations come alive in us when we dare to live the days before us, when we dare to listen to the wind singing in our veins. We carry the love & wisdom like seeds & the days sprout us……Mark Nepo

We know this beautiful wisdom doesn’t negate the need for real tools on this journey of days, but oh my, doesn’t this just relax the struggle, making things move a little more lightly?

an awakening, a beckoning, & a soft shore….

14 thoughts on “let it be so….

  1. I am that, that I am… No the words should never diminish the quality of what we choose to be, yet as you so well remind us, it is not the struggle that makes us, it is the letting go…and if we don’t then life will ask us to…

    • Oh…we suffer so much don’t we?….& so it is how we learn…but to simply ‘be’ sneaks up on us…a little gift…thanks g.f.s….

  2. I really love this. It speaks volumes and volumes about “not being able to see the forest through the trees”. So often we are enraptured in our quest we don’t realize we have arrived at our destination, unnoticed! Let’s be still and let the butterfly alight…

  3. such words of wisdom:
    “Forget about enlightenment. Sit down wherever you are & listen to the wind singing in your veins.”

    i still have to read a book by M. Nepo

    • That quote sparked a deep knowing for sure…exquisite…Mark Nepo’s words flow so effortlessly too…so real…thanks Barbara…

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