an ordinary day of being slammed with our walls

another sunset....opportunity to begin again...

A genuine spiritual path does not avoid difficulties or mistakes but leads us to the art of making mistakes wakefully, bringing them to the transformative power of our heart. When we set out to love, to awaken, to become free, we are inevitably confronted with our own limitations. We see more clearly our unexamined conflicts & fears, our frailties & confusion. Trungpa Rinpoche described spiritual progress from the ego’s view as ‘one insult after another.’  Our limited perspective, our hopes & fears become our measure of life, & when circumstances don’t fit our ideas, they become our difficulties…..Jack Kornfield

we listen quietly to these words with our heads bowed… many difficulties are you struggling with today? how many sunsets do we miss? what is it about all of the ups & downs which continually call us to ‘wait’ until ‘things’ are a bit more manageable? then we’ll ease up on ourselves….

we all live this way….time to sit with the sunset, sip some wine, & find a new moment…

When we finally look at horror & joy, birth & death, gain & loss, things, with an equal heart & open mind, there arises a most beautiful & profound equanimity….William James

I took myself out walking…

8 thoughts on “an ordinary day of being slammed with our walls

  1. Moments are gifts. I may not always like the way they are wrapped, but when I choose to look at them as gifts I become grateful. When I cease to label those moments as good or bad, I am practicing acceptance. Wonderful post! A reminder to surrender.

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