the palpable silence of the unknowable

simplicity in stillness

Silence turns out to be not the absence of sound but a presence in its own right, always there, noticed only when we become quiet. And how rich the silence is when we come in through the doorway of a particular kind of agenda-free attention. Silence proves to be full of subtle & intrinsically rewarding sounds that grow ever more absorbing as the mind settles, words are forgotten, & names drop away, no longer important. Whenever we find our way into such a silence, it is a little like remembering a child’s kind of trust in what is happening, in which whatever we are sensing begins to recover an original strong autonomy. We’re not focused on past memories or what we already know. The feeling of being in control can graciously give way to a more mature possibility of resting in what is, no longer mentally demanding how we want it to be…..Susan Murphy

the ethereal silence surrounding our heart is our purest reality….a calling of our deepest roots….when we sit, we are permeated by a new kind of grounding….rooting & emerging….this may be our most elusive practice….the most difficult to enter deeply…

in silence we hear all of these concepts as tangible realities scooping us up in the hands of deepest calm…..existence, awareness, prayer, mercy, essence, waiting….

Ever abiding within & without, overlaid with the mutable patchwork garment we know as this visible universe, silence forms the woof & warp of all things seen & unseen. To the mystic, silence is the ground, the core of reality…John Roger Barrie


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