where we cross over….where Mary Poppins lands….

everyday magic

The outer world is the world of manifestation, the inner world that of imagination. Yet in many respects it is the inner world that makes possible the outer. We do not just reflect the outer world, we create it. In many circumstances we order it-prevent its fall into disorganization, driven by entropy. Yet nature is also highly ordered, by what are ultimately mathematically inevitable patterns & relationships. If a God created the world it is through these laws;  perceiving & manipulating them, we resemble the creator….Christian Wertenbaker

it’s comforting to know that many concepts move in realms outside of science….imagination, time, consciousness….science isn’t big enough…somewhere in between the past & the future our self-awareness ‘occurs’……opening a gap…..seemingly whooshing in the flow of creativity on the wave of imagination….

this ‘everyday magic’ is available at all times…..like carrying an upside-down parasol…..like understanding your purpose….like being excited about growing old….like seeing possibility everywhere…

 Imagination lies at the juncture of death & life,

 absence & presence….Patrick Laude

quenching the thirst of imagination…


11 thoughts on “where we cross over….where Mary Poppins lands….

  1. this ‘everyday magic’ is available at all times….

    Very true indeed!
    Ciao, Francina

  2. Electricity is magic, no one can really explain it, yet it moves our entire civilization. I am totally in awe of it every day. Magnetism and electricity, thought and emotion… Interesting parallels…

    • Very fascinating…like so much of science, physics, art, poetry…interesting parallels…& what about those fractals? Like magic umbrellas? Thanks g.f.s….

      • I was watching a show about fractals, and it just blew me away how they can morph into landscapes and so many natural things … so much we just don’t see !

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