the rooster calls….look up….

a good soul-friend & reminder to look up

The art of being lost is not a matter of merely getting lost, but rather being lost & enthusiastically surrendering to the unlimited potential of it. By trusting your unknowing, your old standards of progress dissolve, becoming eligible for new ones that come not from your mind but from the depths of your soul…..Bill Plotkin

ok, so you’re in the now…really in the now when you’re lost….like suddenly seeing roosters in trees & noticing your shoes don’t match & you really hate the word ‘inappropriate’….

funny thing is….it doesn’t matter anymore…out of the box & into your life….

Fall & Call belong together. As the web of deception & death appears & the golden world fades, the memory of that world, which seemed once so safe & whole, continues to call. Fallen angels, we are still angels. The wound of our fallenness becomes a school of empathy. We learn sympathy & compassion. From the eyes above all, ‘mirrors of the soul,’ we learn to achnowledge the depths of our own interiority. ‘There but by the grace of God go I.’ Art, literature, & music become messengers, intermediaries of the call. This call to ‘metanoia,’ transformation, comes to us in different ways. Yet we must ‘hit bottom’ & vow to change our lives. Such a vow is not made once, but must be renewed with every breath…..Christopher Bamford

drift awhile, drop out, & remember again….

4 thoughts on “the rooster calls….look up….

  1. Never thought of being lost as an art, but then it is said life is art… Searching we see there are so many paths, or choices are our own, since we are given free will… Many forget their choices lead them to today.

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