the depth of our roots….

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When I detect a beauty in any of the recesses of nature, I am reminded by the serene & retired spirit in which it requires to be contemplated, of the inexpressible privacy of life; how silent & unambitious it is. The beauty there in mosses will have to be considered from the holiest, quietest nook…..Henry David Thoreau

we are ensconced in sunshine….rooted….digging….swooning in fragrant air….that sweet crunch of boots on twigs & leaves may be the remedy to many disappointments….holding us gently when we need it most…

just being outside….& yet how often are we inside looking out? this awareness of our awareness is lost indoors..

 Everyone searches desperately for happiness, but the price we must pay for it is generosity. When we are born, we are born among a kind of beauty & richness. Every leaf of a tree is a work of art.  A miracle…the path is difficult. The search for beauty is without end, but it is life-giving……Frederic Back

the within of us is the within of us with feet on earth… inevitable extension defining who we really are…rooted within earth….
our sweet holy earth…

7 thoughts on “the depth of our roots….

  1. So true that life is art, just to paint the exquisite detail of maple leaf could take hours, days even, yet the seed knows how to do it perfectly….In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks – John Muir

    • Thanks for this…..would love to be hiking the Cali coastal trail today… trail will be sufficient to find a few surprises though……& I just returned from hiking the Amalfi coast in Italy, so I can’t complain!….tiny miracles everywhere…..thanks g.f.s….hope you get to go for a hike too….

  2. What a beautiful photo, and an awesome post with wise words! Even though chronic health issues keep me housebound far too much for my liking, when I’m able, I am most at one when in nature … thank you for the beautiful thoughts which help to sustain our ‘insides’ – no matter where we are and what our circumstances may be. Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Julie xoxox

    • Thanks for sharing Julie……I wish you warm sunshine & a sweet window view:)……may life’s challenges move softly……

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