the threshold between regret & soul light

unlocking soul light

……….The Bright Field……..

I have seen the light break through

to illuminate a small field

for a while & gone my way

& forgotten it. But that was the pearl

of great prize, the one field that had

the treasure in it. I realize now

that I must give all that I have

to possess it. Life is not hurrying

on to a receding future nor hankering after

an imagined past. It is the turning

aside like Moses to the miracle

of the lit bush. To a brightness

that seems as transitory as your youth

once, but is the eternity that awaits you.

….R. S. Thomas

our exile creeps up on us with regrets…..showing us the leaky places in our compassionate awareness of ourselves….where does the light hurt? what inner quantitative battle wrenches us away from gentle belonging?

there is a warm light in the window of home…..there is a cool light down the next road….& there is a sweet, hot, neon light in a battered soul…

soul light found in the old crevices of living in the bones…

Beauty is a light that comes from the soul. This is the place in the soul that is eternal. Your time here always inhabits the circle of your soul. All your time is gathered, & your future time waits here for you. Your time is the deeper seed of the eternity that is waiting to welcome you. The soul is the natural shelter around your life. Part of this wisdom of spiritual soulful self-presence is to be able to let certain aspects of your life alone………John O’Donohue

8 thoughts on “the threshold between regret & soul light

  1. You posts are always so revealing. I would have to say you are a light worker, by provoking such thoughts with your words. You brought back the memory of reading Steinbeck’s The Pearl … What price do we pay for such wealth , such wisdom…

    • There is a mysterious drive that comes with deep needs to question & to seek light….what price indeed….thanks g.f.s….

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  3. Our regrets often move us to our deepest contemplations, help us to realize what matters most, and what is of eternal value…

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