an essential simplicity….pure vision…

searching for the minutiae of the infinite…

when nothing is missing, a pure invocation creeps up… unveiling of perception….like the.mist over ocean & sky that meshes & melts away….

Visual perception sees reality as if for the first time, without accepting or rejecting. There is a kind of standing-still quality where seeing things as they are becomes the real thing. Dharma art sees things as they are….Chogyam Trungpa

the contemplative act expresses a clarity….we have all had these moments….everything suddenly seems brighter, more alive, & this memory of exquisite beauty is embedded deeply….yet it’s not an idea of beauty….it’s undefined, stark & very real…..

emulate precise authenticity through direct experience of your world….

When steady mind, clear vision and soft heart come together in one single moment, ‘Good Eye’ manifests. It is vision that is inherently pure, unobstructed, unblocked, free of depression, free of aggression, free of interpretation. Free altogether. When we synchronize eye & mind, we abandon all concepts & predispositions & become completely present in the moment. The world becomes a magical display of vivid perception…..Julie DeBose

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