withstanding the heartbreak in the muck of life…

fire & ice

Spiritual maturity is not a function of age, or of years on the path, but of a powerful & discerning choice from within to cultivate gratitude as a way of being in the world. Like contentment, gratitude arises from learning to discern clearly. To praise is to choose gratitude even in hell. One description of ‘faith’ is ‘love of the unknown,’ meaning, ‘I am given everything I need, even if it is not what I imagine that I want.’  Faith says, ‘I choose the life I am given.’…..Mariana Caplan

hot & cold….this is how we live…. going deeper…coming up for air now & again..but ultimately realizing there is only one path…the one we walk on….when we see the other’s suffering, the mask is stripped away…& the flood of gratitude gifts us with an after-rain-washed-clean resting place…

who do you gift your story to?

There is a beautiful Tibetan myth that helps us to accept our sadness as a threshold to all that is life-changing & lasting. This myth affirms that all spiritual warriors have a broken heart- alas, must have a broken heart, because it is only through the break that the wonder & mysteries of life can enter us. Being a spiritual warrior is about the sincerity with which a soul faces itself in a daily way….Mark Nepo

12 thoughts on “withstanding the heartbreak in the muck of life…

  1. I like Caplan’s definition of faith, and Nepo’s notion of the broken hearts of all spiritual warriors. There is so much that is unknown in life, and the bombardment of so many proposed certainties and absolutes can undermine our search for an authentic life. Another great post!

    • I so agree….the minute we are certain of the ‘answers’ is when we lose our authenticity & opennness……there is more than one answer & we truly are a human family…..how we communicate with each other seems to come up here doesn’t it? thanks so much Mark….

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