our bodies call us back down to earth…


Deep spirituality is not an out-of-body experience. Physical form is the way we experience spiritual reality on earth. Come into animal presence. When we awaken somatic perception, we take the ownership of healing away from an ‘expert’ & give it back to our own body. Healing begins when we release & rediscover these instincts. When we follow the body’s lead, we enter ‘dream-time,’ through sleep, slowing down, rest, & communing with nature. A good way to ‘come into animal presence’ is to create for yourself time-outs or mini-rituals. Anything that reminds you in a visceral way that you are a walking miracle can become your own body ritual….Elizabeth Lesser

love these body rituals….walking meditation, textured sweaters & great boots over roots….stretching like a cat (yoga)….sunlight on my face….ocean water…..fresh lemons…how do you reconnect body to mind?

spiritual body’s own rhythm….

There is a deeply rooted desire or need to transcend who we naturally are. Some higher power finds us unacceptable as we are. We’ve spent several thousand years learning the arts of self-transcendence. But life is a matter of incarnation. The soul is an entity that lives within our human body. Over-spiritualization is a real danger. If you want to heal, you have to surrender; you have to give up control; you have to stop trying to be perfect, because eventually you have to face the fact that you cannot completely control your life….Marion Woodman

10 thoughts on “our bodies call us back down to earth…

  1. I like Tai Chi… I have moments each day when I pause to to let the animating energy flow through my body.. Walking, bicycling, anything that connects me to the natural world… Thanks for a great post.

    • Excellent….I, too, resonate with tuning into nature….beach walks, mountain trails…& lots of yoga…..thanks g.f.s….

  2. I often spend time on our deck outside under the pine trees, finding a sunny spot on the porch swing for the sun to warm my face and take slow deep breaths…listening to nature all around me. It’s refreshment for my soul.

    • Me too….giving up control to truly understand….wow…..we can all get a little something from that quote….thanks & wish you a sunny spot……

    • I wish I was so disciplined & tuned in! That’s very encouraging & inspirational….I try to reconnect, but if life gets too ‘busy’ I miss things……thanks Sonali…..

  3. One of the unfortunate realities of disability is the inability to be out in nature when I would like to be; when my soul needs to be. When I get that ache, I meditate and tune into my memories; of time spent by the water (my source of inspiration and rejuvenation); long walks along the beach; in mountain trails and through the woods …. I can bring back all the senses as if I were there, and it does help, immensely. It doesn’t compare with the real thing, of course, but until I can – it’s the next best thing. Wonderful post, thank you! ~ Julie xox

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