liquid flame of kindness…the ubiquitous archetype…

flaming soul

If you put kindness at the center of your personal mandala then you will build a lifestyle based on who you want to be, not what you want to acquire or do. Life expands….Lodro Rinzler

this luminosity of goodness holds despair like nothing else…we break our cycle of measuring, calculating, & imposing our ego on the natural unfolding of our light stream..

our unruly passions are then huddled & understood to be life-shaping struggles that are fundamental expressions of our expansion….

 the empty vessel & kindness filling up….

Thou who art called the Transcendent Archetype of light because Thou fillest every heavenly mind with spiritual light, we pray to Thee to drive all ignorance & error from souls where they have gained lodgment, & to give them all a share of holy light, purging their spiritual eyes from the mist of ignorance that surrounds them. Stir & open the eyes which are fast shut & weighed down with darkness, giving them first a moderate illumination, then (when they taste the joy of Thy light & desire it more) giving Thyself in greater measure & shining in more abundance on them ‘because they have loved much.’ And ever constraining them according to their powers of looking upward, let Thy overflowing radiance illumine with its fullness every mind above the world, around it or within it…..Dionysius the Areopagite

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