a beating heart’s intuitive pulse

the heart of vulnerabilty

The intuition appears indirectly in aesthetic ecstasy & intellectual creativity, in the pricking of conscience, in the longing for relief from anxieties, or peace of mind. It appears directly only in mystical realization….Paul Brunton

there is nothing so fearful & so gracious as opening one’s heart….I have a beautiful vision of holding my beating heart with both hands, cradling it in gratitude, giving it warmth, witnessing my breath give it life, urging it to connect a little stronger, beat pulsing with the world….

intuition can’t mirror through a heart of stone, but jeweled reflection is smooth like crystallized glass through a heart of light….

As for me, no one has ever, even in my heartsore family, had such a reluctant heart as mine: reluctant to properly do its work, reluctant to give up. Two coronaries, one cardiac arrest, a quintuple bypass,¬†congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, a stroke. The compass wobbles, the light glimmers, love’s labor seems lost, but the heart within the heart, the echo of the heart, weaker, dimmer, thumps on. Its failure, my heart tells me, will be the victory of God. The fading beat will herald a new knowledge, steady, without a thump, without heat, without a surge. So I must believe, one by one, my grandparents, my parents in proper order, wherever they started, wherever they ended up, came, as I will, breathless, thoughtless, heartless into the Presence where inevitably we all will meet…….Marvin Barrett

can you open?

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