you know you are a seeker by just knowing…

unexpected gateways

The call to ‘matanoia’, transformation, comes to us in different ways. The call comes gradually, or so it seems. We must be called over & over before we hear its whisperings. Then we begin to notice. We begin to respond. We start to listen. Finally, we realize that we ourselves are the call; that call & caller are one in a life lived in obedience to the gift of the call. If the call is without beginning, it is also without end. Every call seems to lie at the intersection of past & future. When we have fallen into separateness, beauty begins to draw us from our isolation into light. Then we begin to question & to hear the ‘something more,’ that luminous excess in nature that never quite arrives, but whispers of a greater good that we can imagine…..Christopher Bamford

what drives us to question? how do we ‘just know’ we are seekers? as a seeker, we certainly are keenly aware of others who are oblivious to our questioning….it is in the in-between space where we find the shadowed mystery of our human boundaries…an elemental humbling to unveil meaning….

 the nuance of questioning….

What am I asking when I ask, ‘who am I?’ What I seek is to see & touch the face of the one who calls. It is the beginning of a movement towards light, towards seeing things clearly, as a whole. It is the refusal to remain in the dark- fragmented & on the surface of myself. It is a state of searching for meaning, comprehensiveness, & depth. It is the desire to wake up. I share many walls with others. With vigor & imagination, I collaborate with others in building castles of science, art, philosophy, & religion in which we may rest secure, unmindful of our ignorance of who we are, why we are here, why we do what we do. But the silent witness inside me asks, ‘what do you seek?’

2 thoughts on “you know you are a seeker by just knowing…

  1. one of my ealiest memories it asking myself ‘why life’ … there is a birthright in all of us that waits the right time place and circumstance to emerge … it is as undeniable as the sun rising …

    • That’s beautiful….so comforting…like the perfect nest…oh to always feel so right in our own skin…I see a chrysalis poem….I remember my coming of age with the same questioning…oh I was so intense then! Thanks g.f.s…..

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