ineffable beauty….seeping everywhere….

kissing a summer day…

The beauty in this world will go unnoticed

 if it is not embraced right now.

Hushabye, don’t you cry.

It’s time to wake up, little baby.

It’s time to wake up

and see the rainbow ponies,

running in the rain:

green leaves turning

to orange and yellow.

Autumn has come

on the wind and rain

and we are letting go

of our sadness.

Letting go, little one

like the leaves on the tree

and the rainbow colors

in the window.

Wake up, little one.

It’s time to get up and see

all the pretty ponies.

They have been here before

but you were sleeping.

Don’t sleep any more.

There’s a rainbow

knocking on the door

and a dance of leaves

fluttering in the window.

Don’t sleep anymore,

There’s an angel knocking

on your door,

with a rainbow bird

and a singing snake

calling you to wake.

And the sun’s going down

on the west side of town

so there’s not much time

to wake up, little one,

so wake up, wake up

wake up.

 Sipping up summer….golden….showing up for the beauty…mindfulness coming easily on the cusp of all that changes, shifts, & moves through us….being the wave today…

living in wild beauty…..

Beauty is discovered in solitude…and then Beauty is born with sharing. The aesthetic experience is transmitted in a subtle, mysterious way. In a flash it takes you to what is essential in life. Beauty reveals who we are. It leads us by the hand to the pulsing reality of the world- that reality which we have forgotten to take refuge in. Luckily, we can always go back to nature…….To receive beauty with an open heart means we do not miss one bit of it….Pierro Ferrucci

9 thoughts on “ineffable beauty….seeping everywhere….

    • ‘if only we would notice it’….all it takes is a pause….so much can be seen in between moments…how hard that can be….thanks for the reminder Alex….

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