out of the muck….what do you see?

grace lived

 Jesus says that a pure heart sees God.

……Laurence Freeman

this text, no matter your faith, religion, non-religion, context, revolution, pain, culture…..is beautiful….precisely in the moment of discomfort which may arise…..beauty lying in the underbelly of meaning….

we are all travelers seeking grace of some kind….our hearts long for meaning…for authentic reality as real as the vision of the mystics & poets….seized by ‘ultimate truth’….revealing the eternal quest as holy & at least in harmony with the landscape of the soul…we see our God when we open our hearts…

Sometimes the spiritual quest feels like knocking, knocking, knocking, on a closed door; like a volley of questions bouncing off the walls of our own limited capacity to reach beyond ourselves. It’s not difficult to understand why we become weary, or cynical, or make the decision early on that there’s nothing to know anyway, no one to answer our questions. When asked if his questions about God had been answered, the Christian mystic C. S. Lewis answered with another question: ‘Can a mortal ask questions which God finds unanswerable? Quite easily, I should think. All nonsense questions are unanswerable.’ And yet, if we are curious about the spiritual life, we can’t help but call out the great theological problems, cosmic riddles….answering with echoes….Elizabeth Lesser

bewildering, yes? the intellectual & logical mind does not answer to grace…does not see beyond the mountain range….let go…let go…

  we are all travelers in the abyss…..

undefined, unreconciled, & yet absolutely universal….

pack your little suitcase & explore your soul echoes…

a haunting grace…benign in its presence….

5 thoughts on “out of the muck….what do you see?

  1. “we are all travelers seeking grace of some kind…” How true indeed. Whether people are conscious of it or not, we all desire meaning in our lives.

    Have you read “The World As I See It” by Albert Einstein? I think you would love it.

    • Thanks for the book tip…always welcome….a key point you make…’whether we are conscious of it or not’…this is why contemplative practice of all kinds becomes so important…to distance from the mind a bit…thanks for sharing…..

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