you’re never gonna get it right…..the truest freedom….

simple pleasures

Yep, skimming with a very chilled out dog…now that’s living….a gorgeous day….drifting down the canal with your best friend…inspiring indeed…

One simple way to re-enchant our lives is to divest ourselves somehow of this ‘busy complex.’ We might do work that we love, give up the futile task of proving ourselves to anyone, keep money within perspective, & do whatever is necessary to enable us to walk away from our work & activities if our soul requires it. Nature brings us back. What is required is simple proximity, contemplation, ritual, & a spirit of piety. If we can allow ourselves to be stunned by nature’s beauty, complexity, simplicity, devastating power, vast dimensions, & unexpected quirkiness, then lessons in spirituality will pour into us without effort…..Thomas Moore

let’s take our buried sorrow, our restless attention, our fear of hardening, our deepest wounds……& skim them down the waterway….preferably with a worthy companion….unconditional, huggable, grounding, knowable, & trustworthy….

feel the tide below your feet

In one of the first teachings I ever heard, the teacher said, ‘I don’t know why you came here, but I want to tell you right now that the basis of this whole teaching is that you’re never going to get everything together.’ There isn’t going to be some precious future time when all the loose ends are tied up. I still find myself with a secret passion for wanting to know what it’s going to be like when ‘all the veils have been removed.’ This is one of the deepest habitual patterns we have- the feeling that now is not good enough. Right now, can you make an unconditional relationship with yourself? Can you abandon any hope of fruition? Disallow expectations? Can you realize your Buddha nature by accepting yourself? Buddha is not someone you worship, not someone you aspire to be. Buddha is your inherent nature, the intelligence you already have. You nuture it, you allow it to grow, you allow you…….Pema Chodron

9 thoughts on “you’re never gonna get it right…..the truest freedom….

    • Setting aside our ‘agenda’ just for a few moments every day is so powerful…just to return to whatever is our source…..I love your description of ‘ever finer ways’….thanks g.f.s….

  1. This spoke to me, I’m a perfectionist, anything less than 100% stresses me, and I’m always pondering how to improve everything, great post.

  2. I love the thought of “re-enchanting” our lives … that is beautiful! ~ Love, Julie xoxox

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