New Awards & Celebrating 8 Months of Blogging & Friends Along the Journey

Illuminating Blogger Award

Thanks to Food Stories for

the Illuminating Blogger Award nomination…

What a wonderful & randomly fun award…..thanks for stepping out….

One Random Thing About Me…….I really really really want a ‘tugboat art studio’…..

My Nominations Include…..please visit & meet new blogs….

News of the Times

You Illuminated

Stories & Truth


Professions for Peace

Thanks to Sticky Notes & Quotes for

the Reader Appreciation Award nomination

List something I’ve been up to……

I’m getting my Yoga Teacher Certification!

Please check out their cool blog for a little inspiration every day…..

And In Honor of 8 Months of Blogging,

I’m Celebrating Some of the Great Blogs

I’ve Met Along the Way…….

My Special Nominations

for this award include

Some Old Favorites of Mine…..

Tried & True Blog Connections…..

Heart Winds

Poems & Art by Jason Frost

Certainly Not Lost Down Under

Grandfather Sky


All About Lemon

Caddo Veil

Speaking from the Heart

dream pray act

A Charmed Yogi

Mortal Hearts With Immortal Souls

Vertical Leap

GYA Today

Five Reflections

Julie Catherine

Thanks to Hickersonia & Resting in Awareness

for the Sunshine Award……

Both of these contemplative blogs lead a little pause into your day….

Please visit….a worthwhile blog experience….

My Special Nominations

for this award include

Some More Old Favorites of Mine…..

Tried & True Blog Connections…..

Rumpy Dog

Dou Dou

Fierce Buddhist

Freedom to a Full Life

Yoga Care Challenge

Namaste Consulting

Serene One

Living In the Now

The Writernubbin


Real True Love


Warrior Poet Wisdom

Meaning Western Life

Bluegrass Notes

Also from Resting in Awareness….

a Very Inspiring Blogger Award….

Thank you again…..

And More Old Favorites of Mine…..

Tried & True Blog Connections…..

clearskies, bluewater

pocket perspectives

zen and the art of tightrope walking

Mind Mindful

Simply Charming

Global Light Minds

Fun and Fabulousness

lady bluerose

Seek the Sacred Amidst the Ordinary

Aurora Morealist

My Own Avalon


Strange Trip Times


Sloppy Buddhist

Sonali Dalal

Divine Rhythm

Pain is an Illusion

Mindful Balance

Lead. Learn. Live.

54 thoughts on “New Awards & Celebrating 8 Months of Blogging & Friends Along the Journey

  1. Thank you In Blue …love the simplicity in your blog award presentation. I agree with Hickersonia on the extensive list of wonderful blogger friends. Thank you again.

  2. Congratulations on your awards; thank you for nominating me, I love and admire your blog, it is wise, insightful, inspired,beautiful to view and a constant support and inspiration to many. Salud!

  3. Congratulations with all of these awards you deserved them all. And thank you so much for the mentioned too, you are so sweet to do so… Have fun always!
    Dolly xoxo

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful awards – and thank you so much for the nomination! I love your “tugboat art studio” dream … and congrats on getting your Yoga Instructor Certification, too – awesome achievement! ~ Love, Julie xoxox

  5. I echo everyone’s sentiments here… Congrats and kudos for being such a faithful blogger and keeping all of us inspired with beautiful images and wonderful, wise words. You certainly inspire me with your consistency and thoughtful responses to everyone’s comments! Thanks for nominating my blog under your ‘tried and true’ category! Blessings on your solstice and summer.

    • Thank you for the heartfelt wishes…..this journey is rare & it fills me with gratitude to share with so many others lighting the way as well….may you seek & find….Yeh! Summer!

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