catching a memory outside the window

windows & the in between……

“The window is a form of consciousness, pattern of formed sense through which to look into the wild that is a pattern too, but dark and flowing…” Wendell Berry

Memory is one of the most beautiful realities of the soul. Human memory is an inner temple of feeling & sensibility. The soul lives in eternal time. Time opens up & opens out the mystery of the soul. The mysteries that time unfold fill me with wonder….

…this found expression lives in poems…


I sit alert

behind the small window

of my mind & watch

the days pass, strangers

who have no reason to look in.

…John O’Donahue

the tension between the visible & the invisible is personified in our windows….ghosts, spirits, fairies & angels are really our own souls drifting….our divine imagination…

there is a healing presence in looking out, looking within….a pause to witness life in motion, outside of us….yet, this reflection is a keen memory, not the moment….it’s always in the past….somehow windows in the soul slow this down….

The World Below the Window

The geraniums I left last night on the windowsill,

To the best of my knowledge now, are out there still,

And will be there as long as I think they will.

And will be there as long as I think that I

Can throw the window open on the sky,

A touch of geranium pink in the tail of my eye;

As long as I think I see, past leaves green-growing,

Barges moving down a river, water flowing,

Fulfillment in the thought of thought outgoing,

Fulfillment in the sight of sight replying,

Of sound in the sound of small birds southward flying,

In life like-giving, and in death undying.

…..William Jay Smith

8 thoughts on “catching a memory outside the window

  1. What a perfect analogy for consciousness, we sit at our window looking out, and only see what the light the glass let’s through… A thousand other passers by wonder at us and we don’t know, don’t care, don’t see through the Looking Glass…

    • Funny you should bring this up…just went to a talk by a master yogi describing the process of transformation as bringing the unconscious to the conscious….indeed…through the looking glass…through the window pane…through the veil of ego…through our true nature…home….thanks g.f.s….

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