resistance & the harmony of change…

soaring softly

In poetics of growth it is important to explore how possiblity & change remain so faithful to us. They open us to new depths within. Their continual, inner movement makes us aware of the eternity that hides behind the outer facade of our lives. Deep within every life, no matter how dull or ineffectual it may seem from the outside, there is something eternal happening. This the secret way that change & possibility conspire with growth. When you are faithful to the risk & ambivalence of growth, you are engaging your life. The soul loves risk…..John O’Donohue   Anam Cara

it’s interesting how restlessness & deeper questioning coincide with change….like it or not….we can’t always move smoothly from one phase to another…but we can remember that being born again & again retrieves essence, reinvents roles, reframes our life stories & revisits our faith in the unknowable….

In the difficult are the friendly forces,

the hands that work on us….


there is some law of life which demands us to honor the flawed authenticity around us & in us…..we can trust that….there really is no normalcy or ‘supposed to be’….we let go & come back with a new divining rod when we just quit resisting, quit hunching up & quit fighting our life…

tides & moons & hearts & lives are cyclical….

I have an engraved necklace with this saying….

it helps with getting unstuck….

Out beyond ideas

of wrong doing & right doing

There is a field.

I’ll meet you there…


5 thoughts on “resistance & the harmony of change…

  1. While I grew up a duality, I find non duality intriguing as it allows us to forgo conflict for acceptance. “When we were young we learned one plus one equals two. We learned to be false, one plus one equals one..”

    • I, too, have unearthed a new & gentler view simply by facing what is real, not my ‘story’ of it…& yet it is actually more difficult to be authentic than it is to hide behind dogma & judgment & self-effacing behaviors….indeed, one plus one equals one…thanks g.f.s……

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