following what hurls us under awareness…the heart of identity….

rainbow sky created...

When I engage in the creation of art from the bits & pieces collected of lives, I am engaging in religious activity. I am taking what has found its way to me in my life & making something of it. This is an act of faith. It is an admission that no matter what worn, broken, barely held together, damaged, discarded pieces of life find their way into mine, I am still willing to participate in life. This is a faith about my belief in the ultimate goodness of life….Mimi Farrelly-Hansen

A treasure of found objects……a little glue & paper & paint….magic mixed with engagement & a certain alignment to what cannot be heard, felt, touched or rationally understood seeps in the studio & out through heart & hands….shifting from a vague nuance into a light of clarity beyond ordinary experience….

ritual & mystery of the faithful… 

Not consciousness & self-understanding but a passionate inner presence makes us what & who we are. Writing about duende, the inspiring & enlivening spirit throbbing within any vital activity, Federico Garcia Lorca says that it rises up from the feet, that we ‘climb each step in the tower of our perfection’ by fighting the duende, & that there are no maps to help us find it. We will not have a strong sense of self until we sense the wind of this spirit in our words & actions, & no one can teach us how. Our life is a response from that place of discomforting contradiction, our creativity a surrender……Thomas Moore

4 thoughts on “following what hurls us under awareness…the heart of identity….

  1. It true rises up from the feet. There are times when I write that ever word emerges whole and without question is in the right place. I put the pen down re-read the words, and it is finished. It has risen up from one hundred souls who have poured out their hearts in the words I have read… Fragments of light focused through the writer…

    • Fragments of light…the shards of the holy & the sacred ancestors…’flow’…duende…magic…..prayer….a calling….up from the earth….keep writing…you honor that journey….thanks g.f.s….

  2. “… our creativity a surrender……” Oh, I do relate to this; these words resonate deeply within me. Every time I write, it is a surrender – to pure creativity, that which is bigger than any thing I could ever be without the “wind of spirit” …… Love this post, and such beautiful wisdom! ~ Love, Julie xox

    • Lovely to hear about the art leading the way…..a dance of releasing…not always needing to construct a ‘story’ around the process….thanks for the inspiration Julie!

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