sometimes we are calm & quiet like a new moon waiting…

meditation lived…

Meditation & the mindful attitude it cultivates are powerful antidotes to the fear of the passing of time. Through them we become more aware of time being dependent on our own consciousness. Meditation is a matter of experience. It is not a set of moral values. It is not a defintion of the sacred. It is a way- a way to be fully present, a way to be genuinely who you are, a way to look deeply at the nature of things, a way to discover the peace you already possess. It does not aim to get rid of anything bad, nor to create anything good. It is an attitude of openness. This is mindfulness. Genuineness is the wisdom stream that is always flowing through you, through others, through the world. Mindfulness meditation is the best way I have found to part the branches, slip down the banks, & float peacefully, relaxed & aware, on that stream……Elizabeth Lesser

in the empty stillness…

simply observing without judgment is an exotic journey of feeling yourself from the inside out….deep in prayer is the bare bones of awareness….surrender….watching & waiting for nothing….something lifts unnoticed after awhile…..the forgetting about time as something to conquer….nothing happens…..

The Buddha once said that the problem of life & death is itself the problem of mindfulness. Whether or not one is alive depends on whether one is mindful. We see that life & death are but two faces of Life & that without both, Life is not possible……Thich Nhat Hanh

this silence I seek is palpable…a trance of being ‘out there’ somewhere where something called ‘beyond’ lies….. the sunny sweet seat of being finds me so grateful for the great hope of peace….it is enough…

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