the intimacy of sharing human space……how much can we give?


Life, events, & phenomena derive meaning, value, or significance through relationship to an organic whole. The family or community is understood as just such a ‘whole.’ The ancient teaching of humanity’s interdependence with all of Creation is announced by numerous Christian mystics. Hildegard of Bingen, the 12th century Benedictine abbess, musician, artist, & healer says, ‘God has arranged all things in the world in consideration of everything else. Everything that is in the heavens & on the earth is penetrated with connectedness, with relatedness.’ Community is the basis of much spirituality around the world. And yet so much sense of community has been lost in the modern world. Loneliness in its many guises replaces community. For the human heart was not meant to be cut off from other hearts…..Matthew Fox

leaning into each other is the heart of continuing this soul journey with generous authenticity….we reflect through each other….healing, lifting, holding each other’s beautiful problems for awhile….

practice leaning back into arms waiting….

Relationships will show us if our heart is big enough to welcome the whole gamut of life- not just the part that we approve of. To the degree that we are capable of remaining steadfast with our friends, to this degree we can remain steadfast with the world as it is, with all its violence & tenderness, with its meanness & moments of courage. We find ourselves opening up in a way we never thought was possible…….Pema Chodron

I remember my first best friend…..(do you remember that feeling?)

….as if the whole world was ok when the two of us were together….

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