the sublime contentment of ordinary experience

still the wave

The deep places in the river are not so obvious as the shallow ones & can only be found by carefully probing it. So perhaps it is with human nature…..Thoreau

we are our most pure, I think, when we are using our imagination to contemplate our deepest places, our most complex issues, & our wish to express our true nature….

Can’t we, too,  find our own way to look at our small worlds & perceive the universe- the All manifested by the ordinarily Small? In that way, our lives would take on their proper dimensions, which are measured by time & eternity, place & infinity. One finds meaning in life by living fully & intensely, within the borders of one’s own particular, vernacular, unexceptional existence….Thomas Moore

the need to regress, pull back into our shells, to remember our intention, is elemental in discovering our deeper story….this is not as complex as one might think…it’s living…this is the re-enchantment of the everyday….

expand in simplicity…

I draw water

I carry wood,

This is my magic.


4 thoughts on “the sublime contentment of ordinary experience

    • I think you may underestimate yourself…paying deep attention to the smallest details of everyday experience is the poet”s realm….it doesn’t need to be grand…the seeker seeks…thanks g.f.s….

  1. I love this sentence by Thomas Moore in particular: “One finds meaning in life by living fully & intensely, within the borders of one’s own particular, vernacular, unexceptional existence….” Beautifully said. I believe that depth and beauty, the wonder of life, is anywhere that we look for it – how we perceive our world around us – even in the “un-beautiful”, in the mundane; in sorrow and pain, there is a vast richness of energy and experience we can tap into. All we need do is open ourselves to the opportunity to see with our hearts and souls, as well as our eyes. Love this post. ~ Julie xox

    • Love your enthusiasm… inspiring…. I, too, agree that wonders are found in the smallest details…..the ‘un-beautiful’ is particularly meaningful….a wabi-sabi approach much needed in our disposable culture…..Many Blessings….

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