the astonishing struggle we seek…

seeking light

Heartfulness is knowing what you love, & having the guts & grace to go for it. It is a balanced blend of wisdom & passion, a way to track the scent of the soul, even if we’re not sure of what we’re tracking. To track the wisdom & passion of the soul is not only possible, I believe it is the purpose of life. Within each of us is the acorn, the soul seed, the germ of our unique genius & destiny. Our goal here is to uncover the acorn to reconnect with the inner angel. We don’t go looking for what’s wrong with us, rather, we go in search of our genius……Elizabeth Lesser

I don’t want to miss anything, do you? I want to watch every minute of the seeds growing, feeling rooted & sprouting at the same time. Most of this is unconscious. Our real & unique beauty lies in the planting, the first struggles & little beginnings. They come when we are ready to grow, an archaic, archetypal momentum.

Imagine that you are really old. Let’s say you’re ninety. From that time in the future, you can look back on yourself now. Then you’ll know what was really going on now & even how things turned out. From that vantage point, was this present point in your life a time when it was a good idea to keep on in the same direction, or was it a time that cried out for change? Looking back from age ninety, what feelings do you have about your situation now? At ninety, are you sympathetic with your current confusion or impatient with your current blindness? At ninety, are you pleased by how things turned out or troubled by the nagging feeling that you missed a turn in the road back here where you’re standing now? ….William Bridges

you already have the answers….no need to wait till ninety….

an inner quiet calls so subtle & profound, yet I cannot hear for its roar…

this is beauty & a raw, essential spaciousness….

He has half the deed done,

who has made a beginning.


6 thoughts on “the astonishing struggle we seek…

  1. Love the idea of looking back, I’ll have to contemplate that today. We close off our souls in search for a wealth that is impermanent, we as a species are too easily hypnotists by all that glitters. The Native Americans would say “the yellow metal makes the white man crazy”. For all our science we have done little to reattach to our eternal selves, when we do the stars will become our home!

    • So true…we can’t just ‘be’….we have to ‘do’ & ‘have’….a little more ‘give’ would do us good as well….would lead us to be the stars…..thank you for an eloquent commentary……enjoy your reverie….

    • I can feel your questiioning Misty…..not to sound cryptic, but I think right where you are, in the questioning is just fine….that uncomfortable place, that place imagininig you are 90 & looking back is supposed to be just that, uncomfortable…..and then, just by acknowledging it, I think things get sorted…..I, too, am ruminating……thank you for sharing….Many Blessings….

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