invite yourself like a friend…..a coffee & a pep talk…..

coffee talk

Every time we talk to someone, there comes back to us a map of expectation as to how we should respond. We share a confusion; we are often given a direction. We share a pain; we are often given an instruction. We share a desire; we are often given a plan. The power of these unspoken maps should not be underestimated. For the endless gravities of expectation we move in & out of,  govern most of our thinking & summon most of our energy in denying them or complying with them. In actuality, underneath all the plans, pressures, & expectations, underneath all the subtle guidance & nudging we receive from almost everyone, the next step is truly unknown & has never been taken by anyone. Thus, our spiritual charge is to maintain the wonder of the singular explorer that each of us is. The freshest step has always come when I’ve been brave enough to land at the end of what little I know, breathing new air & feeling new feelings, in reaction to no one, in wonder at what is always possible…….Mark Nepo

what cuts us off from others? where is the disconnect? so much about chasing karma seems to be about the absence of self-forgiveness….like chasing our tails, we chase karma by not being good to ourselves, then not being able to be there for others….all the while building fear & narrowing our expansive potential….unable to move into the beauty of our mess…what is needed is a sacred trust in what it means to be human, in what it means to need love…..

a forgiveness of unusual karmic proportions….

Each of you – not separately, but in the cauldron with all beings, cooking & being cooked—is realizing awakening. Not you by yourself, because that is not who you really are. You by yourself are not Buddha-Nature; but your being in the cauldron of all beings is realizing the Buddha-Way. This is the total exertion of your life. You also can’t really be flexible & free of fixed views by yourself. To decide for yourself what flexibility is is a kind of rigidity. Living in harmony with all beings is flexibility. It is a kind of cosmic democracy. Each of us has a role in the situation & gets one vote. You cast your vote by being here like a great unmoving mountain. Please cast your vote completely: that is your job. Then listen to all other beings, especially foreigners, especially strangers, & especially enemies. Hang out with people who are capable of making a commitment to you & your life, & who require that you make a commitment to theirs. Hang out with people who care about you, with people who need you to develop & who say so. Make such a commitment & don’t break that bond until you & all beings are perfect…….Rob Anderson

To understand all is to forgive all.


8 thoughts on “invite yourself like a friend…..a coffee & a pep talk…..

  1. You know the song -What the World needs now – yes is love, but what it also need is buckets and buckets of forgiveness. Every time I hear a story of someone who had a terrible wrong befall them, the only way they ever got past it was through forgiveness. Linae Tiede Coates is a great example. She said it so plainly to her interviewers that until she found forgiveness she carried the burden or what was done to her family. I could see the the weight lift off her as she talked about it, and I could also see that her sister is still weighted down, because she can’t. There is the real tragedy, not that a crime is committed, but that it is done over and over again in the mind because we cannot forgive, we are not taught how !

    • poignant reminder for sure…..Stephen Levine, a powerful healer & speaker (he & his wife did a teleconference yesterday & I’m anxious to hear it) says, ‘It is so painful to put someone out of your heart.’ He also says though, ‘To rush healing is to do violence to the self.’ Slowly, the healing & clear waters rise….when ready….& it begins with oneself. Maybe the karma for Linae & her sister comes from being in it together….hand in hand leading each other through the many stages… do we learn to forgive? I have no idea, but I guess life teaches us…thanks g.f.s for the reminder through gentle & challenging weeds….

      • To rush healing is to do violence to the self – so true. Most ‘dis-ease’ comes from years of living in a certain condition, how can a surgeon take that away in a day?

    • Thanks Linda…wonderful to hear you know his work….I gain such clarity from his writing….may you feel many possibilities today……Blessings…

    • There is something deeply comforting about a cup of coffee & a chat….how safe to do that with our own heart…..Thank you……Wishing you a sweet coffee break….

  2. “Invite yourself like a friend” – I love that! I love reading your posts; they always make me think, usually give me more questions to explore about life’s journey … and always give me the feeling of being in a loving, caring community. xoxox

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