our true nature & the elusive self


The very presence of your breath & of your body is one of the most astonishing things in the universe, & it offers the continual opportunity to start over. This awareness allows us to start the entire project of our life over, to reinitiate all the threads of our thought, grounding it all in the immediate experience of our body. What an incredible relief it is to understand that the ultimate place of pilgrimage is right in the center of our very own heart……Richard Freeman

the tides of our emotions, subtle & evasive, put us into deep examination, scrutinizing our shadow & the physical space of our bodies….we are stunned to know how deeply conditional we really are….we will resist….we will be ashamed….yet, once it is all exposed as simple human nature, it loses power & becomes light….dignity alights in love…

The essential quality of awareness is a wide-open mental clarity that pervades our whole body & environment at the same time. When we live in our essential awareness, we have our own unique understanding of life, our own perspective. Another essential quality of awareness is our ordinary awareness, clearly experienced. It is the most relaxed, natural condition of our awareness. When we find this fundamental consciousness, we are able to inhabit our whole brain at once. This greatly enhances intuition, imagination, our understanding & our creativity. Relaxing into the essential quality of awareness produces a profound change in the way we relate with the world……Judith Blackstone

hard truths promise to build a wise heart…

waking up comes from self-knowing, letting go of blame, feeling curious about our foibles, & opening those boundaries around narrow self-defintion…being true to ourselves allows us once again to transform through ‘soft front, strong back’…..

A fish cannot drown in water.

A bird does not fall in air.

Each creature God made

must live in its own true nature.

….Mechthild of Magdeburg

12 thoughts on “our true nature & the elusive self

  1. Our very breath is the animating force at the beginning of life, and the last thing to leave us when we leave this world. It is in our blood, and all around us. We breath the same air that our ancestors did for eons of time … there is a great mystery wrapped up in it …

    • This same fascination I have with breath is what has led me into yoga…..the only way I have found to truly connect beyond my limitations…..you touch on what defines awareness here….thanks g.f.s…..

    • Indeed…we wake up & rest fully all at the same time….losing time actually….beauteous…..thank you for sharing….Blessings…

  2. I love this post … being curious, releasing our narrow self-definition, allowing ourselves to live effortlessly in our own natural moments – and being aware of what that means to us, what it opens and awakens in us. Thank you, this is really thought-provoking. ~ Julie xox

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