causing night to veil the day

grasping for the deep

Awareness itself, the very ‘aware-ing,’ is never awareness of some ‘thing,’ yet by virtue of its simplicity it grounds all things & therefore is never separate from anything. The gaze of the heart is always gazing into God, for this is quite simply what the heart’s depth does. The undeniable luminous Vastness that slips out of any clothing that mere words can weave, but of which every tongue must tell, is not a physical light that occurs in space & time. Why the insistence that this inner light has no shape? Academic theology reminds us that this mystery we call God is beyond what can be grasped as shape & form in the way we grasp tangible things.This realization is not a confusion of the discursive mind’s conceptual distinction of Creator from creature but creation’s ultimate clarity & consummation……Martin Laird

a layered transparency of light is that gauzy feeling that nudges us out of our reality….questions our limitations while knowing no boundaries… surrounds our intellect like a hard shell…..becoming light…..

within love is more love…..

Everywhere we are given examples of how the life-giving elements move through us & bring us to life. Consider how the tree has no control over the movement of the wind, any more than the fish has control of the movement of the sea. Humbly, this gives us a way to understand the vast life of spirit. Souls, like fish, make up the ocean of all spirit, depending on that element, & yet the ocean of grace, though found in each soul, cannot be contained in any one soul. If we understand this, it affects the way we live. For no matter your spiritual lens or the names you prefer for the mystery, human beings make up the world of God, depend on the world of God, & yet the world of God, though found in each being, cannot be contained in any one life. When we refuse this truth, we begin to self-destruct, because in our pride we will try to contain & control more than any one human being can…..Mark Nepo

the sun disappears every day…..we are happy, then we are sad….calm, then find tumultuous tides….who changes? us? the light? the soul?

6 thoughts on “causing night to veil the day

  1. I loved the word anthropomophize, we create god in our own image, we see it everywhere… Yet we should know there is no basis for that to be true. We always put thing, put life in containers, even when it is paradoxical to do so, it’s like saying infinity plus one…

    • Our controlling is mistaken for security….we can trust in the continual movement in life….feels like I’m always working on letting go……thanks g.f.s…..letting infinity just be infinity….

  2. “The gaze of the heart is always gazing into God, for this is quite simply what the heart’s depth does…”

    Simple yet full of meaning…thanks.

  3. I love, “within love is more love” … what a beautiful truth. As g.f.s. noted, we humans are constantly driven to compartmentalize, to put labels on things in order to understand them in our own perspective. We’re probably the only species unable to simply “be”, as you so aptly put it, letting infinity just be infinity ……… Another compelling post! ~ Julie xox

    • And we’re aware of our limitations & desires too….I guess that’s the beautiful paradox….we can change it by knowing & seeing….let go, let go:)…Blessings to you…

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