beauty lands in our muck, messing it all up…

nowhere to go

It happened on a May morning- I can still point to the exact spot where it occurred, on a forest path in Switzerland. As I strolled through the freshly greened woods filled with bird song & lit up by the morning sun, all at once everything appeared in an uncommonly clear light. Was this something I had simply failed to notice before? Was I suddenly discovering the spring forest as it actually looked? It shone with the most beautiful radiance, speaking to the heart, as though it wanted to encompass me in its majesty. I was filled with an indescribable sensation of joy, oneness, & blissful security. While still a child, I experienced several more of these deeply euphoric moments on my rambles through forest & meadow. It was these experiences that shaped the main outlines of my world view & convinced me of the existence of a miraculous, soulful, unfathomable reality that was hidden from everyday sight……Dr. Albert Hoffman

our Eden is the grip of the heart’s extraordinary lightness of being….when we suddenly see the sweetness of our life, there is suddenly no reluctance to live….it is true that we need reminders in how to find the light, but the rawness of simple joy lands us dead center in life’s wisdom…..

At dawn Henry picked up his stick. It wasn’t too short or too long. It wasn’t too thick or too thin.

Like the wilderness, it was the way it should be.

Henry looked out over the world. And then descended into the rising mist.

…Thomas Locker

we are amazing creatures in our divided minds….our scattered devotions….this unraveling we seek is the full responsibility of a spiritual path…..what is buried under the day? the simplicity there is always so surprising…so astounding in its humble necessity to ‘be’…..

a terrible okness overtakes the mind….

It is only when we get beyond fantasy, beyond wishing & dreaming, that the real conversion takes place & we awake re-born, the dream re-becomes reality. For reality is the goal, deny it how we will. When the individual is wholly creative, one with destiny, there is neither time nor space, nor birth & death. The god-feeling becomes so intense that everything, organic & inorganic, beats with divine rhythm. At the moment of supreme individuation, when the identity of all things is sensed & one is at the same time utterly & blissfully alone, the umbilical cord is at last cut. The sure feeling of eternality. Beyond this there is no evolution, only a perpetual movement from creation to creation………Henry Miller

6 thoughts on “beauty lands in our muck, messing it all up…

  1. Such moments are rare indeed, but when given a glimpse, a vision of our very soul, we are changed forever, yes we still have to do the laundry, take out the garbage, but there is a reverence in all things that settles over our being, we are no longer separate from source …

    • And so this fleeting glimpse keeps us grateful for those moments…like seeing a bluebird or a perfectly quiet snowfall….& then knowing that connection & sometimes bringing it to the laundry & garbage….great meaning here g.f.s…enjoy your chores today:)

  2. Your post captures an experience from many years ago. My daughter was still a toddler and traveling meant daily compromises. My husband encouraged me to take a short hike while he occupied our daughter. I walked through a dense wood and discovered an amazing vista in Glacier National Park, a lake surrounded by tall cliffs. I was truly unraveled in the best sens of the word. The next day we rented a small boat to see the view in reverse. Thank you for the reminder that life is measured in breathtaking moments, rather than moments of breath.

    • This is a beautiful story of re-becoming….And isn’t it fascinating how it happened when you needed it most? A re-infusion of beauty & peace….a moment of eternity….and I’m sure it reflected back in your daughter’s eyes…thanks for sharing this sweet bit of grace…..

  3. Wow, what a wonderful, thought-provoking post – “when we suddenly see the sweetness of our life, there is suddenly no reluctance to live…” – this speaks volumes to me. Beautiful post, thank you so much. ~ Julie xox

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