looking in & out of the box…..

oh the troubles I’ve seen…..

Verbalizing is not the only way our lives speak, of course. They speak through our actions & reactions, our intuitions & instincts, our feelings & bodily states of being, perhaps more profoundly than through our words. We are like plants, full of tropisms that draw us toward certain experiences & repel us from others. If we can learn to read our own responses to our own experience; a text we are writing unconsciously every day we spend on earth- we will receive the guidance we need to live more authentic lives……..Parker Palmer

alternate ways of learning & expressing lure us ‘out of the box’……we get out of our own way, stop the same old story lines repeating over & over, & bloom into new ways of being…..isn’t this what simultaneously individuates us & connects us?….

The goal of Buddhist psychology is to help us see clearly. When we are lost in delusion, it’s hard to see even the most obvious truths. Ajahn Chah said, ‘It’s like we’re riding a horse & asking, ‘Where’s the horse?’ One of the most stunning revelations is how very wrong our habitual perception can be. We need to realize how one-sided our view of things can be, how much of reality we may be missing. Often we see only what we want to believe. And at the root of delusion itself is the illusion of a separate, limited sense of self. Mindfulness training wakes us up from the trance of delusion. Without mindfulness, the deluded mind habitually grasps pleasant experiences & rejects unpleasant ones. We miss others’ inner beauty. We also miss their pain & cannot respond with compassion. We miss the open-hearted connection with the world…..Jack Kornfield

soul & brain connect once in awhile to great success…

it is as if we are waiting, continually waiting for revelation….unable to step back & look in clearly…..looking outside the window instead of looking in…..waking up is simply releasing the spell of scarcity & fear…..

In a world of tension & breakdown it is necessary for there to be those who seek to integrate their inner lives not by avoiding anguish & running away from problems but by facing them in their naked reality & in their ordinariness.

…..Thomas Merton

2 thoughts on “looking in & out of the box…..

  1. We are sold the idea every day that we should never be unhappy or sad, we have drugs for that, rather than understand meaning in our lives we avoid the truth and live in a shallow reality…

    • This is such a radical idea in our culture isn’t it? We are taught to be ‘happy’ all of the time & if we are not, something is ‘wrong’ with us…..hmmmm…..I know it has taken me a long time to be ok with uncomfortable feelings…..& Ilife is much richer & much more meaningful….thanks g.f.s…..the poets know all about this….

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