we know in our hearts how to let go……

and we know in our hearts…

I have dreamed

of accomplishment.

I have fed


I have traded

nights of sleep

for a length of work.

Lo, and I have discovered

how soft bloom

turns to green fruit

which turns to sweet fruit.

Lo, and I have discovered

all winds blow cold

at last,

and the leaves,

so pretty, so many,


in the great, black

packet of time,

in the great, black

packet of ambition,

and the ripeness

of the apple

is its downfall.

……Mary Oliver

this is the stripping-down-life…..the call to wonderment….the guage of a life somewhere in between the wanting and the doing……

In our journey through time, we all struggle constantly with what to bring along & what to leave behind. It feels so hard to throw anything away, but if we don’t, we will drown underneath a weight of our own making. The river doesn’t own the water that rushes by, yet it couldn’t be in more intimate relationship to it as the force of what moves through shapes it. It is the same with everything we love. In truth, there is no point to holding on to the deepest things that matter, for they have already shaped us…..Mark Nepo

this movement of life, circular & visceral, suggests we seek promises more real than the eternity within the cycles of our life…..yet, when we embrace the essential & let go of the headlong slam of control, ‘it’ all eases & contours easily to the actual shape of our life…..let it be….

what seeps in, what feels sharp & cold like truth?….

18 thoughts on “we know in our hearts how to let go……

  1. This poem by Mary Oliver is so real, it brings tears to my eyes. Yes, we never stand in the same river twice… And so true that we should not hold on to things, the clay pot does not hold the potters hands, and yet retains its form through the fire…

  2. letting go is the hardest act
    until we do it
    then we stand a little taller because the weight
    of what didn’t fit (no matter how many ways we tried to make it fit)
    has been lifted
    Beautiful ….a wonderful way to start the beginning of stepping outside to work in my gardens
    Thank you ( and GFS for pointing me again in the direction I needed to see)
    Take Care…

    • a heartfelt knowing…..I can feel the burdens easing….funny how we need to hold on to all that weight…..so much fear…feel the cool dark earth and remember to breathe…..thanks for journeying….Blessings….

  3. IB, thank you for this post…we control nothing in life, but how we flow. I deal day in day out with folk buckling under the weight of their burdens..when we can let go, we have taken the shape meant and we continue to flow. Great post my friend 😀 x

    • Such an important observation that we take the shape we were meant…then we flow….these little reminders & urgings are so cogent, urgent & real…many blessings Jane…..

  4. Letting go of “the controls” and letting the Master Pilot fly our lives is the wisest decision we can make. Wonderful expression of this here! Thank you.

    • funny how we fight ourselves…..funny how hard on ourselves we are…..thank you for the reminder to give it up to our higher power as the ultimate act of deep faith…..thank you granbee….

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