red feathers & white snow…..the swoon of passion & soul….

flying at dawn into heaven…..

Horses at Midnight without a Moon

Our heart wanders lost in the dark woods.

Our dream wrestles in the castle of doubt.

But there’s music in us. Hope is pushed down

but the angel flies up again taking us with her.

The summer mornings begin inch by inch

while we sleep, & walk with us later

as long-legged beauty through

the dirty streets. It is no surprise

that danger & suffering surround us.

What astonishes is the singing.

We know the horses are there in the dark

meadow because we can smell  them,

can hear them breathing.

Our spirit persists like a man struggling

through the frozen valley

who suddenly smells flowers

& realizes the snow is melting

out of sight on top of the mountain,

knows that spring has begun.

…..Jack Gilbert

well-acquainted compassion develops through peeling back layers upon layers of the soul….unruly, contradictory & wise….have you ever looked up at the snow, bewildered by the beauty & chaos?

true love & madness…

When we live from a deeper place, we become palpably aware that life is fundamentally mysterious & is ultimately incomprehensible to our rational ways of thinking. As we move closer to a soulful life, we learn to live with unruly passions & unpredictable fantasies. We live with our madness & move with it gracefully. The point is not to flee our depths but to reconnect with them………Thomas Moore

captivated by the incomprehensible……befriending an inner presence we had barely known until our true nature told us about it…..

Under every deep a lower deep opens.

…Ralph Waldo Emerson

7 thoughts on “red feathers & white snow…..the swoon of passion & soul….

  1. wasn’t Robin Williams right when he said “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ “!
    & wouldn’t it be right to say: we’ve created a similar spring to celebrate our own resurrection!

    May your spring stay in bloom;
    Love & Light

  2. I love Thomas Moore’s writing, and his depth of understanding on a soul level. “The point is not to flee our depths but to reconnect with them” … what a wealth of truth and wisdom here! This really resonates with me, thank you so much for sharing! ~ Julie xoxox

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