the cleansing of a life & a face lined with harmony

the journey moving slowly…

Inner calmness is a way of being that can transform our lives. Taking one thing at a time as our focus, letting the imperfections of life be, fosters a sense of the present, a contentment with the moment. At first our meditation may develop in some ways but still be mixed with a quality of striving or judgment. As we sit, extraordinary levels of silence & peace can open for us. We can learn how happiness comes from a heart at rest & not from changing outer circumstances…….Jack Kornfield

can we allow this respite? the mystery of the individual life? infinity’s unapologetic movement while we sit… not harden the mask……may we soften the lines of living in our worn faces looking out, forever looking out…..

 death of the erroneous soul…..

Close your eyes & relax into your body. Imagine a light all around you, the light of your soul. Then with your breath, draw that light into your body & bring it with your breath through every area of your body. This is a lovely way to pray, because you are bringing the soul-light, the shadowed shelter that surrounds you, right into the physical earth & clay of your presence. When you bring cleansing, healing soul-light into your body, you heal the neglected, tormented places. Your body knows you very intimately, it is aware of your whole spirit & soul life. The body is the angel of the life…..John O’Donohue

….my ode to one wing….

the quietude of a dream-

in this haze with eyes closed & sensing-

wishing I was above or below waves & wind;

with muted colors & that incredibly soft, sinking

feeling- whoosh-

the way I must always capture the deep

heart & expand from it.

now the colors of light fade & hold me

in a tiny world of warmth-

this gentle quiet slows my breath.

13 thoughts on “the cleansing of a life & a face lined with harmony

  1. Great reminder we cannot fight the movement in the mind. Simply sit and witness it, returning to center as often as it takes, trusting the body to know the souls life force keeps us whole, and living within our breath….

    • That’s why I loved this quote…..the body’s wisdom….how right that feels….letting the mind be, with equal measure…..thanks g.f.s….

    • This is from ‘Anam Cara,’ a wonderful book…..I’ve been reading it for many years, and I always find something new……funny how we grow into books….thanks, with blessings….

      • I thought that sounded really familiar! I don’t have that book, but a friend loaned it to me once, and I remember that part. It is a beautiful book! 🙂

  2. Your post says so beautifully a thought a friend sent me earlier today: “Take care of the inside of yourself and the outside will take care of itself.”

    • Wow……how lovely is that! Inner transformation coming from a place of abundance…we lack nothing….thanks for the inspiration granbee….Blessings….

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