the ephemeral & futile attempt at transcendence

During the years of my therapy practice I got to know many men and women who wanted more than anything to live happier and more creative lives. Often they imagined that they needed a complete overhaul, that they had to become other than what they were. But what I saw were people who had all that was needed. The problem was that all the material of their soul was tightly compacted, and the object of their search was so hidden behind a rigid persona and habits of living that it never showed itself. What was this ‘it’ but the very spirit that would offer meaning and vitality. Healing is of the essence of spirituality, and all real healing is spiritual……Thomas Moore

this appreciation for the healing process is revealed, not forced….it slides through our symbolic experience…..our creativity is coaxed away from the foolish heart when we are sincere in our beckoning, our wanting…..our desparation flairs in beautiful color….

don’t look back….it’s dead hope….

Floral muscle,

Little by little open

Morning meadow’s anemone

Til in her lap

The polyphonous light

Of sounding skies


In the quiet blossom’s star, flexed,

Muscle of infinite receptivity

Often so overwhelmed with fullness

That the sunset’s call to rest

Can hardly return to you

The wide-relaxed petals:

You, the firmness and fortitude

Of many worlds.

We are violent

And stay around longer

But when, in which of all our lives,

will we finally open up

and become receptive?


how imaginative can we be in listening to the astounding whine of our small selves?

revel in the influx of peaceful light, illusion’s healing heart…..

2 thoughts on “the ephemeral & futile attempt at transcendence

  1. I used to spend hours untangling yarn for my mother’s knitting. It seems like a fine example of the idea here. Everything is there to knit a sweater, the yarn, the needles, the cataloged with the instructions, but the tangles make it impossible to start, until that work is done…

    • Such a wonderful visualization of the unraveling of our ‘true’ nature…..what’s been there all along, but out of reach until we put all of us together…..a cozy sweater…that’s the soul….thanks g.f.s….

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