the invisible presence of your infinite self….

what do you need?

I am the necessary angel of earth,

Since in my sight, you see the earth again.

…Wallace Stevens

craving the silence of the muse is a necessary part of moving into soul-time….it can be one of the most beautiful realms of creative consciousness we tap into….

the gift of floating with the moon….

We do not use Silence to heal as if it were an energy or an instrument used to bring about certain effects. We do not first go into Silence and then find another kind of force operating within the Silence that can be such an instrument. Instead, the healing currents of Silence are intrinsic to Silence itself, integral to its very nature. And healing is not just one of the results we can hope to expect when we develop the discipline of entering the Silence. It is not a result at all: as one of the inherent spiritual-soul currents within Silence, it is always present…..Robert Sardello

this is where we meet the other ‘I’….our Self under the day…’ll find this Self tucked under the heart, behind all that you see, and in flux with the breath of the day….

After walking about all afternoon

barefoot, in my shack,

I have grown long and transparent…

like the sea slug

who has lived along doing nothing

for eighteen thousand years.

…Robert Bly

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