considering our roots which help us to fly


We create big problems for ourselves by not recognizing mind energies when they arrive dressed up in stories. They are like the neighbor’s children disguised as Halloween ghosts. When we open the door and find the child next door dressed in a sheet, even though it looks like a ghost, we remember it is simply the child next door. And when I remember the dramas of my life are the energies of the mind dressed in the sheet of a story, I manage them more gracefully…..Sylvia Boorstein

these stories are most prevalent within our family dramas…..we forget that our loved ones have histories outside of us, that they are here as witnesses to our journey, not to fulfill the roles we have deemed for them in our story…….compassion-based mindfulness sets the foundation here for this kind of understanding..

No one lands where they aim. Not even God. We are so quick to condemn this or exile that, to ostracize the breaker of promises, when the truth is that nothing in nature arrives as imagined. In fact, because the space between what we intend and what we do is often great, we keep beginning. Because the gap between what we feel and what we say is often surprising, we keep trying. Because the field between what we experience and what we understand is so vast, we keep growing…..Mark Nepo

growing up……

we grow, ripen, fall from the tree…and when we grow up together, we forget that our loved ones go through the same process…..only love allows us to honor each other’s bruised skins…may we be grateful for the journey with each other….

If you had a sad childhood, so what?

You can dance with only one leg

and see the snowflake falling

with only one eye.

…Robert Bly

3 thoughts on “considering our roots which help us to fly

  1. When we let go of the blame, then we strategy to see our destiny is our own making, or choices become our future… Can we really blame the rain for making us wet, or could we have gone out with a proper coat?

    • Well said…..letting go of blame…..seeing that we are responsible for how we react, how we perceive…..need a big umbrella with blue skies underneath….thanks g.f.s….

      • ‘strategy’ sb ‘start’ and it’s ‘our choices’ not ‘or choices’ — I usually read your blog first thing in the AM and the tablet makes up words for me … You usually know what I mean anyway – Thanks !

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