the extraordinary encounter of delight

a little magic in the wild

Sell your cleverness & buy bewilderment;

Cleverness is mere opinion, bewilderment is intuition.


give in to the need for abandonment, play, & pure joy…..allow the delight of children to catch us unaware, sweep us up, & give in to the intimate sweets of beauty…..

The experience of beauty teaches itself, as all experience does. But its content is much more passionate, alive, & intimate than other kinds. It uplifts us, frees us, shows us happiness. Thus is brings more substance with it. Beauty is a vehicle of knowledge because it delights us. It is an ineffable knowing, hard to define & easily lost, yet real & concrete. Swept up in the jumble of our lives, we have forgotten who we are, what we have inside. We have been hypnotized by a complex & distracting dream. The moon, the sunset, painting, poetry, music, children, take us back to this basic truth. The ecstasy they evoke in the depth of our being, is nothing else but our truest Self. They reveal to us that which we have always been……Pierro Ferrucci

after a day in the studio, I am closer to this ‘knowing’ than at any other time….this knowing is full of surprises, like flying….it is ‘essence’….it is spontaneous….it is laughter… is imponderable….

let’s slow down just a little….

The experience of beauty is pure, self-manifested, compounded equally of joy & consciousness, free from admixture of any other perception, the very twin brother of mystical experience, & the very life of it is supersensouous wonder…..It is enjoyed by those who are competent thereto, in identity, just as the form of God is itself the joy with which it is recognized……..Visvanatha

4 thoughts on “the extraordinary encounter of delight

  1. This is one of my favorite Rumi quotes …and one of which I have to often remind myself … having grandchildren now has does a world of good to remind me of the bewilderment that exists in that state of childish delight … why, why, why, I am asked, and I think of an explanation that is just as magical as the question….

    • oh yes, I know exactly what you mean……meeting them on their level is a pure invitation to live directly from the heart & soul…….magic is always there… peeking behind a tree to find the fairies….you only need to believe….thanks for sharing your pure delight g.f.s……

  2. Bewildered by the beauty God saw fit to gift us with in this world, where we can commit such horrors and 09/11 and such LOVE as the “Let’s Roll” commander over that Pennsylvania field 11 years ago today–AND such love as expressed by this dear little one embracing her world!

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