the hope of surrender……..the destination nowhere……

it’s so bright out there….

When we pause, allow a gap, and breathe deeply, we can experience instant refreshment. Suddenly we slow down, look out, and there’s the world. It can feel like briefly standing in the eye of the tornado or the still point of a turning wheel. Our mood may be agitated or cheerful. What we see and hear may be chaos or it may be the ocean, the mountains, or birds flying across a clear blue sky. Either way, momentarily our mind is still, and we are not pulled in or pushed away by what we are experiencing. Or we may experience this pause as awkward, as fearful, as impatient, as embarrassingly self-conscious. The approach here is radical. We are encouraged to get comfortable with, begin to relax with, lean in to, whatever the experience may be. We are encouraged to drop the storyline and simply pause, look out, and breathe…….Pema Chodron

when we find ourselves tunneled away from ‘what is,’ what Pema describes as ‘getting hooked,’ we simply react to all that is around us, regardless of whether it’s good or bad….sitting in the ground of experience raises us out of this….

no revelations, no dynamic force, just a little light….

Inner calmness is a way of being that can transform our lives. Taking one thing at a time as our focus, letting the imperfections of life be, fosters a sense of the present, a contentment with the moment. At first our meditation may develop in some ways but still be mixed with a quality of striving or judgment. As we sit, extraordinary levels of silence and peace can open for us. We can feel as if the whole world had suddenly stopped moving. Our body can become light and transparent like a clear spring sky. The senses and heart can open in a sweet and delicate way, and a powerful contentment can arise. We can learn how happiness comes from a heart at rest and not from changing outer circumstances. All of this can be discovered as a power and fruit of our practice…….J. Goldstein & J. Kornfield

all of this is actually a simple humanizing of the ego….there is no room for aggrandizement here…the melting away of anxiety doesn’t really happen of course, but the dependency on it does……

For enlightenment to happen, the perceiver must turn right around and wake up to the fact that he is face to face with his own nature- that ‘he is it.’ The spiritual seeker ultimately finds that he was already at the destination, that he himself is what he had been seeking and he was in fact already home…….Ramesh Balsekar

2 thoughts on “the hope of surrender……..the destination nowhere……

    • Very, very keen observation. Like knowing it for the first time. That itty bitty pause is enough….awareness of letting go….maybe this is the metaphorical longing we feel when we come home after traveling….the sweetest peace…..nice aha moment g.f.s….thank you…

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