a walk around a lake is a walk into being

in-between time helps us to let go….

Surrender is an attitude of your entire being that embraces the mystery of life unfolding without making anything happen, or stopping anything occurring naturally from flowing to completion. Although it may sound restful and comforting, true surrender is a journey into the unknown that tears your story to shreds and compels you to face insecurity and the shadow aspects of your psyche. Surrender is a precursor of spiritual awakening, not the experience itself. To pass from two-ness into oneness, a shift in identity is required that is not easily pinned down or captured in words……

I am not this body, or its sensations and feelings

I am not this mind, or its thoughts and desires

I am not intuition or insight

I am not this sense of self

I am Spirit, the Absolute

….Richard Faulds

our experience here as living, breathing humans is not illusory, not a distraction…..it is the holy and sacred in all of its unruly dimensions…..we affirm this with every breath given to us by all that is green and connected to earth and sky…


The truth depends on a walk around a lake,

A composing as the body tires, a stop

To see hepatica, a stop to watch

A definition growing certain and

A wait within that certainty, a rest

In the swags of pine-trees bordering the lake.

…Wallace Stevens

live it all, give it all, be the lake, be this grimy life…..

As a Chinese poem says, ‘I went and I returned. It was nothing special. Rozan famous for its misty mountains; Sekko for its water.’ People think it must be wonderful to see the famous range of mountains covered by mists, and the water said to cover all the earth. But if you go there you will just see water and mountains. Nothing special. It is a kind of mystery that for people who have no experience of enlightenment, enlightenment is something wonderful. But if they attain it, it is nothing. But yet it is not nothing. Do you understand? So, if you continue the practice of zazen, more and more you acquire something- nothing special, but nevertheless something. In other words, just practice zazen. Do not think about anything. Just remain on your cushion without expecting anything. Then eventually you will resume your own true nature. That is to say, your own true nature resumes itself.

……Shunryu Suzuki

2 thoughts on “a walk around a lake is a walk into being

  1. Some call it the wow factor. You get a new car and everyone who sees it for the first time says Wow! nice car, and that’s it… next time its just hello … We are awed by beauty, because we a taught to be, the reality is there is beauty in it all, therefore it as all the same…. our journey and our return ….

    • great way to describe it……..the middle way…….helps us to pay attention to the details as well….the nuances of our lives…..happy sunday g.f.s…..

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