the inquisitive harmony of us, the living…

savoring this moment of aliveness

The energetic core, the heart, is the center of feeling that ranges from conditioned emotional reactivity to the capacity for empathy to sublime experiences of universal love, dignity, unity, empathy, and compassion. Intimately connected with the mental and physical centers, the heart is the center through which we can experience and digest the full range of human feeling. As our embodied awareness deepens, our breath becomes more full, our posture changes, and we begin to express increasingly expanded states such as pleasure, vibrancy, love and generosity of spirit. We gradually learn to identify with the larger bodies of humanity, with the earth and its creatures, and perhaps even with the cosmos itself……Marian Caplan

embodied awareness integrates our deepest pain, our rapture, and our soul’s longings…….our authenticity is a spiritual necessity, our harmonious self becoming itself…..where are you open to the shape-shifting touch of deep, inner kindness?

Embodied spirituality regards the body…as the home of the complete human being, as a source of spiritual insight, as a microcosm of the universe and the Mystery, and as pivotal for enduring spiritual transformation…Jorge Ferrer

we are unseen until we acknowledge our descent into this world….

An evolutionary approach to health sees that there is a source of self-existent bliss, light, love, peace and power within us. It also is a source of wisdom and guidance that can be trusted completely. This deepest guidance can be trusted even when the mind does not know the reasons. For most of us, learning to discern the psychic center’s quiet voice is a lifelong process. The inner heart becomes the center of embodied life…..Brant Cortright

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