speak gently to anger….it softens with a whisper….


I am occasionally confronted by spiritual anger. I remember a woman standing up one evening at a lecture and shouting, ‘You’ve spoken all evening about sexuality and never once mentioned love. What’s wrong with you?’ A man insisted on interrupting a talk by saying,  ‘I’m a Buddhist. Nothing you say has any relevance to me. I don’t believe n God.’ I sometimes hear this criticism even when I haven’t used the word God.  At a conference of psychotherapists, to my astonishment, a woman said to all present, ‘Nothing this man says matters because he’s a man, and men have ruined the world.’ They represent the anger that can accompany strong belief, especially when that belief is rooted in insecurity and emotional confusion. The archetype of the spirit also adds a tinge of righteousness, which easily increases and justifies the anger. People who feel that God is on their side may pick up some of the anger associated with divinity. Sacred stories from around the world tell of the gods’ fury- a hint that spirituality itself is aggressive in nature. These stories teach that nature can be destructive and that a certain degree of aggression is necessary in human life, but they also hint that belief can be dangerously sharp, that spirit needs some containment and watchfulness to soften its force. A start toward dealing with spiritual anger would be to realize that spirituality has a shadow, and since it focuses on the highest things- enlightenment, morality, truth- it has the deepest shadow of all…..Thomas Moore

our anger reveals so much to us…….can we allow it and heal it simultaneously?….this is where we find our lost life, where we understand, finally, that self-sacrifice is self-destruction….no, we don’t condone our behavior with anger, but we acknowledge the anger with full self-compassion so that we may open to honor it….

can you let go?…..

Anger is a zone of energy in us. It is part of us. It is a suffering baby that we have to take care of. The best way to do this is to generate another zone of energy that can embrace and take care of our anger. The second zone of energy is energy of mindfulness. This is not an act of suppressing our anger. Mindfulness is the energy that helps us to be aware of what is there. When you can touch the insight of ‘non-self,’ the insight that the self is made of non-self (other) elements, you know that happiness and suffering are not individual matters. Your suffering is the suffering of your beloved ones. When you know this, you will not be tempted by the idea of punishing or of blaming. You’ll behave with much more wisdom. This intelligence, this wisdom, is the fruit of your contemplation, of your looking deeply…….Thich Nhat Hanh

to live together, we are inspired and moved to resist harming one another…..to live in integrity with awakened instincts of speaking in unshakable love….without regrets…..and then when we fail, we know that we have tried to honor that love….all shall be well….

The perfume of sandalwood, rosebay,or jasmine

cannot travel against the wind.

But the fragrance of virtue

travels to the ends of the world.

….The Dhammapada

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