city lights show our loneliness, our hidden destiny

not alone in being alone….

Sometimes when we just let go of the very desire and effort to sustain the wheel of delusion, it just falls apart right there. What truly exists is unconditional freedom, and this is not simply an idea. It is something that everyone can glimpse. There is this firm, unshakable footing in the enlightened world of joy, bliss, and love no matter what is unfolding in our life because human life is actually almost a play of good circumstances and bad circumstances. But first we have to know how to open our hearts and enter into a strange, as well as in many ways, transcendent state of mind where we desire nothing, where we want nothing except eternal freedom……Anam Thubten

our egos really don’t like this…..we want…..all the time, we desire and if we don’t desire, we dislike…..this is what we all share… good to shed our skins now and again….this is luminosity in the realm of reality….the beauty of a city at night….nothing ugly to cloud the view….

wanting nothing in the melancholy bliss of freedom…

We are all so bent and determined to get what we want, we miss the lessons that could be learned from life’s experiences. Life is rarely the way we want it to be; rather, life is simply the way it is. And we are simply the way we are. What we need is the desire to look for the gifts in ordinary and extraordinary experiences- and the wisdom to accept ourselves as we are. We become less judgmental, more kind and loving. By accepting ourselves, others, and life as not being entirely okay, we become more okay than ever…..Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

maybe loneliness is about not accepting this life….about not knowing the roots of the soul….where we go wrong is the real stuff of our life…..allow it….

I think  we would be able to live in this world more peaceably if our spirituality were to come from looking not just into infinity but very closely at the world around us- and appreciating its depth and divinity.

….Thomas Moore

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