awakening the landscape of inner fire

shockingly real….

Reenchantment means stepping beyond the modern traditions of mechanism, positivism, empiricism, rationalism, materialism, secularism and scientism- the whole objectifying consciousness of the Enlightenment- in a way that allows for a return of the Soul. Reenchantment implies a release from the affliction of nihilism, which David Michael Levin has called ‘our culture’s cancer of the spirit.’ It also refers to that change in the general social mood toward a new pragmatic idealism and a more integrated value system that brings head and heart together in an ethic of care, as part of the healing of the world…Suzi Gablik

our soul is a gentle sensuousness of curving light, a veiled shadow to be approached with care…..but when we awaken our rhythms, we find a dynamic ebb and flow, a kind of ‘providence of knowing’ that springs alive in us….

to find your soul’s rhythm is to be surprised by veil after veil…..

Have you ever

tried to slide into

the heaven of sensation and met

you know not what

resistance but it

held you back? have you ever

turned on your shoulder

helplessly, facing

the white moon, crying

let me in? have you dared to count

the months as they pass and the years

while you imagined pleasure,

shining like honey, locked in some

secret tree? have you dared to feel

the isolation gathering

intolerably and recognized

what kinds of explosions can follow

from an intolerable condition? have you

walked out in the mornings

wherever you are in the world to consider

all those gleaming and reasonless lives

that flow outward and outward, easily, to the last

moment the bulbs of their lungs,

their bones and their appetites,

can carry them? oh, have you

looked wistfully into

the flushed bodies of the flowers? have you stood,

staring out over the swamps, the swirling rivers

where the birds like tossing fires

flash through the trees, their bodies

exchanging a certain happiness

in the sleek, amazing

humdrum of nature’s design

blood’s heaven, spirit’s haven, to which

you cannot belong?

….Mary Oliver

4 thoughts on “awakening the landscape of inner fire

  1. Love Mary Oliver, her touch with nature magical. I think she is really saying… That once we break down separate-ness we find that joy again in the reunion with our souls …

    • Oh, indeed, and the mystery of that process is luscious….to be savored, cradled and not to be dissected… honor that mystery around us and in us…..thanks….I share the love of MO too……Blessings g.f.s…..

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