who would you invite to share your home, your heart opening?

the simplicity of home

We love to let go of the world at night when we go to sleep. Letting go and having a good night’s sleep is delicious. Letting go while we are awake is delicious too. Letting go of clinging to the changing conditions of life, we free ourselves. Paradoxically, letting go is both the goal and the path. Grace and generosity grow as we let go of the struggles of life. We awaken to a poignancy and tenderness beyond our own personal injuries. Sometimes the letting go is so deep our whole identity drops away. In these transformative moments nirvana is experienced as the void, dark and timeless, or as the luminous emptiness of all things. Sometimes the peace and happiness of nirvana is ordinary, a resting of the heart in awareness, undisturbed and steadfast as all things change……..Jack Kornfield

landscape finds itelf in our homes when we invite the inner world to remain a little wild….to keep our prayers as lucid wellsprings of threshold spaces, whispering of our readiness to come home again and again to our blessings…..

the beauty of doorways & thresholds, opening with prayer…..

Many of us say prayers before we turn off the light, but we seldom think of consciously giving ourselves over to the losing of our daytime awareness for the mysteries of sleep and dreams. For us letting go and letting be is first and foremost a body prayer. At night we can learn to find ease, to be at rest in God, and so to grow to live our days without restlessness. Who we are is impossible to define. We can only let go into a larger keeping. We may then experience the death of control and might feel a birth into that which holds the stars in their courses, the tides in their rhythm, the seasons in their turning. Under the cover of night could I know that light shines from distant stars and from a Love that holds both them and me in every moment?…Gunilla Norris

2 thoughts on “who would you invite to share your home, your heart opening?

  1. Until we know that we do not live under the stars, But rather that we are a part of them, and they are a part of us, we can not find any true awakening… (paraphrasing CG Jung)

    • Yes, the idea of inter-being (Thich Naht Hahn) as well……I know that feeling part of everything is not always easy……feeling disconnected is much more the status quo…..I guess the question remains, ‘how to invite that connection?’ Thanks g.f.s……

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