the bottomless cup of sweet knowing…..

Whether we’re speaking of art, religion, or life, there are always apparent edges beyond which we cannot see. As Master Dogen says, ‘The limits of the knowable are unknowable.’ The process remains open. From within that sense of bottomlessness is born a sense of possibility and discovery. That is the way life is. That is the way truth is. It cannot be contained. It extends indefinitely and infinitely. Where does it end? It is without boundaries. That’s what makes the unknowable so wonderful and pregnant with possibilities……John Daido Loori

illusions of cages surround our hearts, our egos, our lives….remember, there is no spiritual program prescribed for our liberation…..nothing is closer than our own heart…..the only thing that hides the adventure of being alive is our complacency….

our sorrow moves us through the edge of the unknowable…

Be still

Listen to the stones of the wall.

Be silent, they try

To speak you



To the living walls.

Who are you?


are you? Whose

Silence are you?

…Thomas Merton

invite yourself over for a cup of tea & a chat…..get to know yourself again….your own mystery and magic may astound you…..the shadows may lighten….the silence may sing…..

Just a cup of tea. Just another opportunity for healing. Just the hand reaching out to receive the handle of the cup. Just noticing hot. Noticing texture and fragrance. Just a cup of tea. Just this moment in newness. Just the hand touching the cup. Just the arm retracting. The fragrance increasing as the cup nears the lips. So present. Noticing the bottom lip receiving heat from the cup, the top lip arched to receive the fluid within. Noticing the first taste of tea before the tea even touches the lips. The first noticing of flavor. The tongue moving the tea. The intention to swallow. The warmth that extends down. What a wonderful cup of tea. The tea of peace, of satisfaction. Drinking a cup of tea, I stop the war……..Stephen Levine

3 thoughts on “the bottomless cup of sweet knowing…..

  1. The limits are unknowable, yet it is that mystery which calls out to us, reaching out a hand toward the ineffable to learn, to know it’s silence. The one which we are hidden in our given name, the ego runs away, fears the truth, makes believe death is the only silence we can know, lets us live in fear…

    • John O’Donahue in Anam Cara says, ‘Nothingness is the sister of possibility. It makes an urgent space for that which is new, surprising, and unexpected. This is a call from your soul, awakening your life to new possibilities. It is also a sign that your soul longs to transfigure the nothingness of your death into the fullness of a life eternal.’ Such a new vision of fear isn’t it? Thanks g.f.s. for reminding us to call out to the mystery, in spite of fear…..Blessings….

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