can we be fully inhabited, embodied & orbiting in our dualism?

measuring grace

We do the best we can with the understanding that we have at the time. Yet we know that life is our teacher and that we always have more to learn. When life brings us unexpected challenges, we use them to grow in understanding and compassion for ourselves and others. This is the attitude of surrender that attracts grace into our lives. Grace flows naturally through an open mind and an open heart. When we give our lives over to the truth of our being, the abundance of the universe flows through our heads, our hearts, and our hands. In the unity perception, improvement is not necessary. We are each perfect just as we are right now. In the dualistic perception, improvement and psychological growth are essential if we are to become ourselves more fully. Unity perception says I am God. Duality perception says I am becoming God. Judgment initiates the fall from grace. When judgment comes up, forgiveness is its antidote. When I judge you, I come back to grace by owning the judgment. May my surrender inspire your grace……Paul Ferrini

why do we forget to love? why do we forget to allow life to unfold? our views at any given moment are quite narrow……when we sit with patient yielding, we see the constant flux of change and only then do we understand that not all is as it appears…..this is the surrendered life, the life of grace…

see these states as visionary……souls flying home….

I live my life in growing orbits

which move out over the things of the world…

I am circling around God, around the ancient tower,

and I have been circling for a thousand years.

And I still don’t know if I’m a falcon,

Or a storm, or a great song.


shifting from complexity to stillness is witnessing grace in the lived moment…from this state of simplicity, the insight into the state of grace that we are flickers into the mirror….

Those who plumb the mystery of nonduality, and realize its inherent freedom, manifest both the relative and the absolute aspects of life with the same harmony in which the mind and the heart coexist in each of us. If we persevere in our mystical quest for wholeness and remain unwavering in our desire to discover our true nature, there comes a time when we enter a nondual state…….John Greer

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