truth is tucked away in the heart of the deep heart

buddhas in the sky

Until we develop an inner discipline within our soul, we feel rebuffed, turned away, and cast aside when we try to enter the Silence in a conscious way and go deeply into it. If our soul does not go through a time of preparation and purification, which may be a long time, we will form no capacity to enter and explore the intricacies of this landscape. In such vague space, we desire only to receive a sense of wholeness that this inner experience offers. We desire it for our own personal enchantment. However, there is much more to this realm than the rippling after-image of feeling ‘whole,’ a feeling we mistake for the essence of the experience….Robert Sardello

few of us will find ourselves beyond a simple quieting, a disengaging from the tensions of life for a moment….but even so, we can experience the gentleness between soul and the world when we understand the delusion of good and bad….silence calls us home….even when we are unprepared, our pure hearts learn that home is within & out….the silence of the soul whispers, ‘go home’ to the heart….

Eckhart addresses the human temptation to fill in the void and the silence of the mind in meditation when he asks, ‘If people find themselves in this way in pure nothingness, is it not better for them to do something to drive away the darkness and abandonment? Should such people not somehow pray, read, listen to a sermon, or carry out other works that are virtuous so as to help themselves? No! Understand this truly, that remaining quite still and for as long at a time as possible is the best thing you can do. In fact, this time of infusion is the moment of grace. For you can indeed turn away from this moment, but you will never again return to it……..Matthew Fox

like an old pair of shoes…

my way is in the sand flowing

between the shingle and the dune

the summer rain rains on my life

on me my life harrying fleeing

to its beginning to its end

my peace is there in the receding mist

when I may cease from treading

these long shifting thresholds

and live the space of a door

that opens and shuts

….Samuel Beckett

2 thoughts on “truth is tucked away in the heart of the deep heart

  1. Silence is almost unknown to the modern world, seems a state of backwardness to many, as if we regress to cave men should we choose quiet over the cacophony of civilization… Yet in that noise we have lost the message of our own souls calling out – come to me, for I will heal your wounds, I am the path to the Spirit, the way home…

  2. It is so simple isnt’ it? But we can’t seem to sit still long enough for simplicity’s grace to awake in us……the poets and the seekers give us insight into the precious, found moments…..thanks g.f.s…..

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