the joy of sweet nothings….

that one sweet moment…..

It’s obvious that if I want my life to be whole, to resonate with feeling and integrity and value and health, there’s only one way I can influence the future: by owning the present. If I can relate to ‘this moment’ with integrity, and then ‘this moment’ with integrity, and then ‘this moment’ with integrity, wakefully, then the sum of that is going to be very different over time, over mind moments that stretch out into what we call a life, than a life that is lived mostly on automatic pilot, where we are reacting and being mechanical and are therefore somewhat numb. Every time we react with frustration, sadness, or anger and we don’t hold that reaction in our awareness, it takes on a life of its own- it ‘does us’ instead of us doing it, whatever ‘it’ is. The result of continually letting mindless reactions envelope you is that you’re going to get better and better at making fists and clenching your jaw, at hunkering down and contracting, at withdrawing and being emotionally diminished. Over time, what you’re doing is ‘practicing’ mindlessness. As you get older, a lifetime of not paying attention and not nourishing what is deepest and most important has profound consequences. The details and excitement of youth, work, ego gratification the pursuit of name and fame, all fall away. What you’re left with is the fundamentals you have been practicing. It builds. It ends up imprisoning you. You get more and more locked into that behavior. I’m not talking about a theory. I’m talking about ‘a way of being.’ An intentional way of being. You give some care and attention to your life as it unfolds in actuality. Thoreau called it the greatest practice in life: ‘To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.’…..Jon Kabat-Zinn

I love to think that our simple lives are the highest of arts…..that is all we need really…to live well in the light of the slightest joys….we are then assured to not miss the beauteous fragrance of the lemons in the kitchen or the sound of the light rain midday…

just live, right now, just live….

The greatest sense of happiness and contentment possible can be achieved with relative ease. Unfortunately, many of us suffer the sadness of feeling separated from ourselves, from others, or from life itself. Carl Jung once said, ‘In about one-third of my cases, the patients are suffering from no clinically definable neurosis, but from the senselessness and emptiness of their lives.’….Wayne Dyer

2 thoughts on “the joy of sweet nothings….

  1. So important, and not even that we cannot do great works, if we are at one if we atone with the moment all we do is great, whether mending a torn shirt, or doing coronary bypass to save a life… What we do is our calling, many, as Jung noted ignore the fact that this is our own choice…

    • The simplicity is beautiful, but we have so much fear that gets in the way….I’m reading a great book right now, ‘The Great Work of Your Life,’ by Stephen Cope, and his insights into this simplicity about how we find our meaning is very interesting. This is our calling, and yes, our choice. Thanks g.f.s……….

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